Volusion has migrated 30,000 ecommerce stores to the Google Cloud Platform

By Dan Wilson May 14, 2018 - 6:17 am

Volusion has announced the successful migration of its 30,000 ecommerce stores to the Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

They say the advantages to GCP include page speed loading, greater network reliability and security. The migration has apparently already positively impacted site performance for merchants and will lead to increased conversion and overall revenue growth.

Volusion stay they saw migrating to GCP as an opportunity for merchants to benefit from access to the largest global, private network in the world, massively scalable compute and storage resources, and peerless geographic flexibility. Volusion services on GCP are faster, more secure, and more flexible than ever before. The company is continuing to explore ways to help deliver even faster and more reliable performance. To date, merchants have seen:

– A 15% average page load time improvement, without having to do any site optimization.
– General network latency improvements and reduced CPU usage.
– For larger merchants, every quarter second taken off page load times can increase ecommerce conversion rates.

Like many companies our size, we determined that the cloud was the best option to achieve the next level of availability, performance, and scalability we wanted for our customers – and we’re proud to be the first ecommerce platform to deliver on these. Moving to GCP wasn’t just an infrastructure decision, it’s a fundamental shift in how we solve problems for our customers.
– Kevin Sproles, CEO Volusion

Google Cloud gives Volusion the ability to scale any part of its technology within seconds, rather than having to procure and implement hardware over a period of days/weeks when self-hosted. GCP offers Volusion modern and professional tools across network, operations, security, and overall infrastructure, as well as access to Google’s team of professionals to help the company continue to innovate and optimize performance for merchant sites. Volusion claims it can rapidly respond to the changing needs of customers, with rapid upscaling and more expedient delivery of features and bug fixes.

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