UPS tests electric bike delivery In Paris

By Dan Wilson May 3, 2018 - 7:17 pm

UPS has begun testing deliveries with an eBike in central Paris. The test is in collaboration with the City of Paris, the arrondissement administration and Urban Lab, the urban laboratory of Paris&Co, and is part of a wider programme in Paris to test innovative approaches to help combat the issues arising from urban logistics such as congestion and pollution.

The six-month test began in April and will see UPS delivering packages with just two eBikes in the second arrondissement (Paris district) from a trailer parked in a specially-marked space reserved for the duration of the test. The trailer full of packages for delivery will be transported every morning from UPS’s Paris hub in Charenton and will be returned to the hub every evening with packages that have been picked up throughout the day.

Consumer behavior is changing and cities are seeing increasing numbers of large commercial vehicles, which can cause congestion and pollution. These changes also need to make us reconsider the use of traditional loading and unloading zones. To support businesses in the pursuit of more sustainable delivery solutions, the City of Paris is making its neighborhoods available for testing. After evaluating new solutions tested under real conditions, which is essential for measuring benefits and scalability, we will consider the regulatory changes needed for wider deployment.
– Christophe Najdovski, deputy mayor of Paris

The eBikes (which seems just to be a fancy term for electric bikes used for deliveries) are equipped with battery-powered electric motors that make it possible to cover longer distances than traditional bicycles, carry substantial loads and navigate hills and other terrain.

Maximum energy efficiency is achieved when combining battery power and human power simultaneously. UPS will evaluate the reliability, design, integration in the city’s infrastructure and acceptance of the vehicle throughout the test period. The results of the test will also be shared with the City of Paris, which will study the environmental benefits of eBike deliveries.

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