UPS is making investments to improve performance in Korea

By Dan Wilson May 22, 2018 - 3:07 pm

UPS today announced a series of service enhancements across five cities in Korea as well as expanded capacity at its Incheon facility to better serve businesses wanting to better capitalize upon cross-border import and export opportunities. This news comes after we reported last week that UPS will be opening a £120 million flagship hub east of London.

They say that because speed-to-market is a crucial element for success in a competitive and fast-paced environment, businesses from selected postal codes in Gyeongsan(295), Gwangju(1,002), Ulsan(627), Jeonju and Iksan(186) can now enjoy a one-day transit time improvement for export shipments going to major markets in Asia Pacific, Europe and the U.S.

UPS has also expanded its facility at Incheon International Airport, offering customers a larger warehousing capacity to support growing import and export demands. The new facility will feature over 770 square metres of warehouse space which is three times larger than its previous size.

In 2017 Korea, the world’s sixth largest exporter, registered record trade growth of 15.8%. As we continue to see more goods traded in and out of Korea, our service improvements will provide not just faster speed-to-market, but allow businesses to tap into UPS’s end-to-end logistics capabilities to manage their global supply chains with greater control, flexibility and visibility.
– Harrison Park, managing director of UPS Korea

They note that businesses in the high-tech, retail and industrial manufacturing industries will now have access to long-term storage and shipment consolidation services to store and manage high-value goods safely and efficiently.

Specific UPS offerings, such as UPS’s Flex Global View, which allow businesses to exercise greater control over their supply chain by providing them with full visibility into the movement of goods and the ability to respond to shipment information and intervene should they need to. Korea is a significant nation in online retail, do you trade there?

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