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By Chris Dawson May 23, 2018 - 9:00 am

Each week we are releasing a new position paper, aiming to capture different news which crosses multiple marketplaces and channels and collate the news on the different subjects, to make it easier for you to find when it’s of interest.

This week we turn our focus to International Selling and the paper looks at how to get started with International Selling if you’ve not tackled it before, which marketplaces to start with, what tools can assist you and what type of service providers are available to smooth the route becoming an international seller.

Naturally with the EU and Brexit issues there are concerns, but as Dan points out in the position paper it’s not worth delaying your international expansion and potentially missing out on several years of trading with Europe by waiting. If you’re not already selling overseas, then read the position paper today and hopefully it’ll inspire you to get started.

You can read our Position Paper on International Selling online or download for free to read offline.

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Tamebay Position Paper - Artificial Intelligence Tamebay Position Paper - Virtual Assistants





International Selling


If there’s a subject that we’ve not yet covered, let us know what you’d like to read and we’ll add it to our list.

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