Metapack increases scope of its Carrier Mapping tool

By Dan Wilson May 22, 2018 - 8:19 am

Metapack is making progress in increasing the international scope of its Carrier Mapping tool. It was launched in January and in April EU data become available to merchants using the service. Now Metapack say that the Carrier Mapping tool can now provide access to worldwide origin data on its available carrier routes and services.

The MetaPack Carrier Mapping tool provides instant online access to carrier information by origin, destination and type.

The information is presented in four different categories: ‘category leader’, ‘certified carrier services’, ‘platform’ and ‘low or no volume’. This enables ecommerce merchants to make choices, against clear criteria, from thousands of different providers.

Data comes from Metapack’s own customers – they have around 90 of the top 100 retailers in the UK and say they have shipped some 600 million parcels last year, so it’s a formidable data set. The tool also ensures that any SLA published is backed up by the MetaPack certification programme.

The provision of EU data, particularly in Germany and France, has been a significant boost for our retail partners, allowing them to make much broader choices, against clear carrier criteria, in the European geography. However, access to category leaders, certified carrier services, and all others on our platform across the entire globe provides them with opportunities that they simply can’t realise from any other source.

We promised that we would provide EU and rest of the world data quickly, and, given the popularity of Carrier Mapping already, we anticipate that it is set to be an indispensable tool in the retailer’s armoury from now on.
– Alexei Haigh, Global Head of Carrier Product, MetaPack

This tool is useful for merchants who want to choose a reliable service to a certain country. And by publishing comprehensive carrier information, MetaPack have made a huge amount of data available for anyone to appraise. The Carrier Mapping Tool is free to use by anyone with no passwords or registrations needed.

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