Hubspot is now integrated with Shopify

By Dan Wilson May 14, 2018 - 8:48 pm

Marketing and CRM service Hubspot is now integrated with ecommerce platform provider Shopify meaning you can market more effectively to your online shoppers. Called ‘HubSpot for Shopify‘, the HubSpot built Shopify integration give you inbound marketing option. They say that it will generate more traffic with paid plus organic search, help you build a brand your market loves and increase revenue from your existing customer base.

As they say in a blog post about the new feature:

We’re really excited to integrate Shopify to help SMBs grow. They’ve done amazing work in this space and helped hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs build businesses that fuel the economy and bring something really special to consumers. Ecommerce in general is something we’re really bullish on here at HubSpot. We’re committed to providing the tools and support that will help ecommerce SMBs grow in a competitive space.
– Brad Coffey, Chief Strategy Officer, HubSpot

With the new integration, they say that ecommerce marketers can now:

  • Sync specific merchant sales data from Shopify into HubSpot for use as a marketing signal. Users will see a new orders pipeline in the CRM and have their online store customers imported as new contacts, complete with a shopping and marketing timeline.
  • Segment users based on products, deals, and order history, then use those lists to inform, emails, ads, and workflows.
  • Automate campaigns with pre-built ecommerce workflows like abandoned cart nurturing. When users connect their store they’ll see three pre-built workflows in settings, specific to ecommerce.
  • Report on results with a new ecommerce reporting dashboard. This new home for results will share data on orders, new sales, lifetime value, abandoned cart recovery, and how marketing efforts relate to revenue.
  • This is well-worth exploring if you have a Shopify store, and just another task for you to master as ecommerce merchant.

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