How to make better shipping choices by measuring performance

By Dan Wilson May 11, 2018 - 6:40 am

It’s well worth remembering that one of the most crucial and time-consuming activities every ecommerce merchant faces each and every day is shipping. And that’s why we have partnered with Parcelhub to examine the factors you should be measuring in your carrier operations in our new ebook.

We’ve called it: Delivering Customer Satisfaction: 5 shipping and delivery KPIs. And the focus is on taking a step back and thinking strategically about how you you fulfil orders and how happy your customers are with the service you provide. Measure to succeed. Flying blind without metrics will likely be costing you time, resource and money.

The brand spanking new Tamebay ebook looks at KPIs (key performance indicators) and gives practical advice about how you can improve operations in this most vital arena.

The KPIs we examine in the ebook are:

  • WISMOs: “Where is my order?” enquiries
  • Delivery queries
  • Delivery options for shoppers
  • Measuring on-time deliveries
  • Customer satisfaction with in-flight options
  • You will spend a great deal of your effort picking and packing the goods you need to send out and getting them ready for the various couriers and shipping partners you engage. But are you monitoring how well that is going? Are your customers happy? Are your goods arriving on time? Are you monitoring how much time you spend dealing with delivery queries? And if not, why not?

    The delivery experience is well-established as the most crucial element of an ecommerce interaction. And yet not many online merchants are keeping an eye on success and failure.

    That’s the exact point of this new Tamebay eBook we’ve published. We encourage you to measure and learn more about your shipping performance by measuring your KPIs. You exist in an ecommerce world where the demands get ever more great and expectations are much higher than ever before.

    The free ebook is delivered to you in association with Parcelhub and can be downloaded here. Tell us what you think. Have we missed out a crucial KPI?

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