eBay US customer service now available in Spanish

By Chris Dawson May 7, 2018 - 4:47 pm

Amazingly there is no official language in the US, although predominantly English is the language of government but in some States it’s customary for bilingual documents in English and Spanish. With well over 40 million native Spanish speakers in the US, more people speak Spanish as a first language then live in Spain! With this in mind it’s no real surprised that eBay Customer Services now support Spanish on phone, email and chat.

Of course whilst eBay customer support is in Spanish, sellers on will still need to create their listings and especially their titles in English. However it’s still good to see eBay willing to communicate with their customers in the language that works best for them – and of course many buyers may well be able to read English but speaking a second language is always more tricky than reading it.

Whilst eBay now support Spanish for the US customers, it’s probably unlikely that they’ll support Welsh any time soon – there are not many more than half a million people that speak Welsh and, even if there was the desire, eBay would almost certainly find difficulty recruiting Welsh speakers that wanted to work in customer support as they’d doubtless have to relocate to Dublin.

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