eBay UK Summer Seller Release:
Important item specifics

By Chris Dawson May 22, 2018 - 1:55 pm

eBay Item Specifics are a pain point for merchants when listing on eBay and sellers have often questioned just how important they are and if it’s really worth filling them all out. Up until now the best advice has been to be assiduous in completing them as if a buyer uses Item Specifics to narrow their search then your items will be excluded if you haven’t ticked the box.

In the eBay UK Summer Seller Release there’s welcome news of a neat bit of analysis by eBay across the Collectibles, Electronics and Home & Garden verticals. eBay have identified the item specifics that buyers most ‘value’ (i.e. ‘use’) and they’re making this information available to sellers.

eBay have made the analysis available in a downloadable PDF that details the top item specifics for Collectibles, Electronics and Home & Garden verticals categories. By ensuring your listings use these details, you’ll be making it easier for buyers to find your items and you may see improved conversion rates.

Visit the eBay Seller Centre to download your Top Item Specifics analysis.

We’ve got to give a thumbs up to eBay on this one – something genuinely useful that could impact sales and gives some guidance as to where you may be able to cut corners and where you should focus your efforts for the maximum potential uplift on sales.

  • northumbrian
    8 months ago

    wow ,gosh, how wonderful
    how have we ever managed without this ground braking insight
    the collectibles category has 2 sub leafs we can spend at least 10 seconds on
    boy do we wish our job was so easy

  • Max
    8 months ago

    Any reason why they did not provide the data for every single category? Surely, it would take the same amount of time to extract it from the database…

    • 8 months ago

      I think they have about a million categories……

      I agree more would be nice

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