eBay demotes Seller Information in favour of Trust

By Chris Dawson May 19, 2018 - 10:52 am

eBay have demoted seller information in favour of trust with a “Shop with confidence” box on view item pages. The Seller Information box is still there, but it’s been pushed down the page below a new display which can include the eBay Money Back Guarantee and, if applicable, promotion that the listing qualifies for eBay Premium Service.

The new box comes with new blue eBay icons matching the colour of the Buy It Now button. Links are provided both to the eBay Premium Service information as well as a page detailing the eBay Money Back Guarantee. You’ll still see the old Top Rated Seller styled eBay Premium Service badge in search results. We’re wondering if this too will change at some point to bring consistency across the site?

The display appears to be similar regardless of seller status, even the retailers for whom eBay display the brand logo.

eBay have doubtless carried out tests and discovered that trust and confidence promises convert better than the individual seller name. In truth, most eBay buyers couldn’t name a single seller that they’ve purchased from. Much as we appreciate that eBay sellers want to build their brand (and many do), if you ask the average eBay buyer what the last item they purchased on eBay was they’ll normally be able to tell you but ask the name of the seller and you’ll be met with blank looks. They not only don’t remember but in many cases they’ll not even have bothered to look when they made the purchase – it’s all about the product and they’re primarily an eBay customer.

It makes sense that eBay promote service, especially when you consider that that’s what their main competitor does. Sellers in the main should prefer to have listings that convert – profits over vanity.

  • 1 year ago

    ” it’s all about the product and they’re primarily an eBay customer.”

    I wish these ebay customers would start giving ebay earache then .
    plus its about time ebay paid for free returns and free shipping

    • rob
      1 year ago

      ebay keep telling us, customers want longer return periods and free returns. So if it is that important why don’t they pay for all return postage.
      When ever you mention this to them, they just say they would not be able to afford it a a business.

    • northumbrian
      1 year ago

      were a business with a few billion less profit , how come we are expected to afford it ?

  • SAM
    1 year ago

    Free post, Free returns, return up to 60 days 120 days blah blah blah. Nothing is FREE in this world.

  • northumbrian
    1 year ago

    ebay and ebay sellers have a certain reputation
    no the wonder !
    many sellers need to resort to iffy and slightly naughty stunts to survive
    the hoards of chiselers vagabonds and nere do wells
    ebay policies actively encourage

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