Catch launches Catch Outlets for Retailers & Brands in Australia

By Chris Dawson May 29, 2018 - 10:36 pm

Starting in 2006 with five staff and a small warehouse, Catch has grown to be one of Australia’s leading ecommerce organisations. Originally ‘Catch of the Day’, a daily deals site, Catch is now a full blown marketplace open to merchants from around the world including from the UK.

Catch is now a high tech operation and, significant with Amazon moving into Australia, already have a fully automated robot driven warehouse bring sold items directly to the packers saving time and storage space.

Catch Outlets

Now Catch have launched Catch Outlets with deep discounts from recognised brands and retailers. The idea is to attract retailers looking to liquidate out of season or excess stock so you can expect deep discounts anywhere between 25% and 80% off retail price.

Catch are positioning Catch Outlets to sit alongside Duty Free Outlets, although goods won’t be duty free, offering a similar style branded way to get rid if products quickly with a steep discount. Catch Outlet doesn’t mandate a discount level but the retailers that do will drive the most traffic.

This is an interesting move on several fronts. For Catch themselves, they have in the past largely attracted impluse shoppers with the deal of the day style offerings. Catch Outlets signifies a move to attract the intent based shopper who are looking for a specific item, especially in the fashion space.

On the seller side, Catch Outlets will appeal to retailers giving them their own Outlet on Catch to appeal to their customers and at the same time enabling them to dispose of excess stock.

Products offered through Catch Outlets can be sold and delivered by Catch or fulfilled in a marketplace model by the retailer or brand, including international shipments into Australia as a direct import.

Catch Outlets are already attracting attention with brands such as Prada, Polo Ralph Lauren, Guess, Burbury, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Apple, and Armani products offered for sale.

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Catch is one of the biggest Australian online retailers in its own right and in 2017 it opened an online marketplace for third party (3P) merchants to market their goods on.

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