Amazon out of fashion with trendy shoppers, but voice is in

By Paul Skeldon May 7, 2018 - 6:01 am

Amazon is gaining ground in fashion retail, but only a quarter of fashion-conscious shoppers consider it trendy enough to buy clothes from. They do, however, like stores as a way to check things out before buying online and are poised to use voice too.

So finds a study of the preferences and purchase behaviours in store and online of 1000 US shoppers by Astound Commerce. In its study, “A Window into the Fashion Shopper’s World,” the majority of shoppers say that they do make fashion purchases at Amazon for convenience, but only one in four rank Amazon as highly fashionable. Over half of respondents make Amazon purchases for low price and delivery speed, but only 26% care to browse Amazon’s private label fashion products.

Instead, shoppers like to use online and in-store to research and make purchases, with 77% of millennials sying store quality made them consider a purchase,and digital retailers are expanding beyond URLs. 48 % of shoppers visit new storefronts that initially launched online, such as Warby Parker and Fabletics, while 49% frequent inventory showrooms like Bonobos, which does not offer the ability to take products home.

They are also showing an interest in voice as a way to shop, with the fledgling channel set to overtake desktop spending, says the report. 73% of shoppers use their smartphones to shop, but mobile isn’t the only platform getting bigger. In fact, 47% of consumers use voice technology to browse products, and 37% plan to use it to make fashion purchases.

“If we understand how consumers shop, we can adjust to their needs. Technology offers a massive opportunity for retailers to optimize the customer experience, but without a detailed understanding of their target market preferences, it can be difficult to decide where to invest time and resources. Providing a seamless shopping experience across every channel is an expectation among fashion shoppers, and is key to maintaining an edge over the competition, and more importantly, Amazon.”
– Igor Gorin, CEO of Astound Commerce

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