US Chamber of Commerce criticises Trump for Amazon attacks

By Dan Wilson April 5, 2018 - 7:22 am

United States President Donald Trump continues to attack Amazon and claim that USPS (the United States Postal Service), and by extension the American people, are subsidising Amazon to the tune of $1.50 per parcel because the service isn’t monetising their delivery service correctly.

But the President has drawn criticism for his comments and now America’s biggest representative body for business, the Chamber of Commerce, has added its voice to criticism of Trump’s comments:

It’s inappropriate for government officials to use their position to attack an American company. The U.S. economy is the world’s most powerful because it embraces the free enterprise system and the rule of law, whereby policy matters are handled through recognized policymaking processes. The record is clear: Deviating from those processes undermines economic growth and job creation.
– Neil Bradley, executive vice president and chief policy officer, US Chamber of Commerce.

The latest tweet from POTUS says:

One thing that remains entirely unclear is whether Trump is correct in his claim that USPS really is making a loss to the tune of $1.50 per parcel when it performs delivery for Amazon. It does seem unlikely. And the New York Times has fact checked the President’s claims on Twitter. Needless to say the picture does seem rather more complex. One key comment in the article say that Amazon is actually one of USPS’s biggest customers and it would likely struggle without that key commercial relationship.

Trump should, perhaps, be careful what he wishes for. Amazon is increasingly building out its own fulfilment services and has trains, planes and automobiles at its disposal for delivery. They may well be seeking to ditch USPS altogether in due course.

  • james
    2 years ago

    there’s no accountability, politicians can now say or do whatever the hell they like, make up blatant, provable lies, admit to lying, and what? nothing, thats what.
    we have our own here, but Trump may well be the worst of them.
    can’t believe a word that comes out it’s mouth.
    he’s actually been on twitter, BRAGGING about how he just made up international trade figures to the prime minister of Canada, without having a clue, just to attempt to bully america’s closest ally, for no particular reason other than Trump’s own wig-clad ego (the Canadian prime minister wasn’t half as stupid as Trump and did have access to actual figures).
    the guy is a complete liability.

    Neil Bradley apparently doesnt like his job either, since Trump has a proven track record of getting rid of anyone on the side of truth.

  • eBetsy
    2 years ago

    Trump’s attacks on Amazon are nothing more than retaliation against Jeff Bezos, owner of the Washington Post, for that paper’s anti-Trump editorial stance. Trump lives in an alternate reality where facts are whatever he decides they are. This tweet is a perfect example. The United States Postal Service is not supported by a single taxpayer dollar. It is NOT losing money shipping Amazon packages. And eBay sellers’ package volume rivals Amazon’s. eBay and Amazon are USPS’ 2 biggest customers.

    As for “P.O. leaders don’t have a clue (or do they?)!”, that’s typical Trump: mud-flinging and suspicion-sowing without the slightest basis in fact.

    p.s. Trump is an embarrassment and a disgrace. Those who voted him into office (I was emphatically NOT among them!) owe their country and the world at large an apology. He is a megalomaniacal, narcissist, sociopathic con man and clearly a present danger to all that Americans should hold dear. I am appalled and ashamed that this pathological liar, deadbeat businessman, and self-proclaimed sexual predator currently inhabits the Oval Office.

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