TruRating online Magento extension connects online and offline POS feedback

By Chris Dawson April 17, 2018 - 10:00 am

TruRating are a technology company specialising in point-of-payment customer feedback solutions. They ask a customer to answer one quick question as they check out at the point of purchase using the same number they confirm the transaction total and enter their bank card PIN number. It’s easy and completely anonymous but gives the retailer valuable feedback on their service.

Now TruRating have announced an official extension with Magento Commerce meaning that the TruRating solution, which began as an instore service, is now available to all online retailers as well as Magento. For the first time, businesses with both online and brick-and-mortar stores can gather customer feedback across those channels, combining ratings with transaction data to gain omnichannel insights that haven’t been possible before.

“Providing an extension through Magento seems the obvious way to officially launch our online product offering and bring more retailers the customer insights they’re craving. Nearly 35 percent of businesses around the world use Magento to host their online store.”
– Georgina Nelson, TruRating CEO

TruRating’s online business solution, which provides easy-to-understand insights via a dashboard and mobile app, generates a 59% quantitative customer response rate and 20% qualitative customer response rate, greatly outpacing typical industry standards. All feedback is gathered quickly and efficiently on the payment confirmation page, ensuring that the online shopping experience remains seamless and uninterrupted.

Through Magento, digital retailers can go live with TruRating in less than 15 minutes and for those handling less than 10,000 transactions per year, TruRating is free.

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