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By Chris Dawson April 11, 2018 - 9:00 am

Following the launch in February of four channels to segregate news into different areas of interest (Merchants, Retails and Brands, Suppliers and Industry Insiders), today we’re thrilled to announce the launch of new Tamebay Topic pages. Alongside each topic you’ll find an in depth Tamebay Position Paper to accompany each subject.

We aim to capture different news which crosses multiple marketplaces and channels and collate the news on the different subjects to make it easier for you to find when it’s of interest.

We already have a planned schedule of future topics and position papers to launch but would love to hear from you. Tell us which subjects would you like covered and what is important to you. Over the next few weeks you can expect to find varied subjects ranging from Virtual Assistants and Artificial Intelligence to Cross Border Trading, Payments and Search but it will be an ongoing project and we want to provide longer insightful articles on the topics that matter to you.

Tamebay Position Paper: Virtual Assistants

Our first topic launched and live on Tamebay is Virtual Assistants with the accompanying Virtual Assistant Tamebay Position Paper.

Before Christmas some 10% of UK households already owned a Virtual Assistant and with both Google and Amazon reporting stellar sales over the Christmas period that figure will have risen rapidly. As they become standard consumer electronic items, they will play an increasingly important role in ecommerce and how consumers interact with them and how marketplaces make goods available on them will affect all online retailers.

Did you know that Virtual Assistants are nothing new?

Within the Tamebay Position Paper on we reveal that the first Virtual Assistants appeared some 20 years ago and almost everyone in the UK will have carried out a commerce transaction using a Virtual Assistant at some point in the past without realising it.

The new wave of Virtual Assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant are just a new way of packaging up technology and marketing Virtual Assistants in Amazon Echo and Google Home type devices.

In our Position Paper we examine how Ecommerce is taking shape on Virtual Assistants and the most effective ways for retailers to take advantage of them.

Read the Tamebay Position Paper on Virtual Assistants online or download to read offline.

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