It’s now easier to net customised orders in the Etsy app

By Dan Wilson April 5, 2018 - 8:48 pm

It’s now easier than ever to convert enquiries from shoppers who want customised orders via the Etsy App and the change has been warmly greeted by Etsy merchants with one saying on the announcement thread: “this will be so helpful.”

The feature has been available on the desktop website for sometime but now it will be available on the app and here’s roughly how it work. Customised items are very popular on Etsy and buyers will often want to put their own spin on an item. They can put in a request via the convo, messaging system, on Etsy. Now, as a merchant, you can view the request on your app and provide the interested buyer with a personalised listing that they can click to buy immediately. The ease and speed of being able to help out a shopper immediately should aid conversion.

You can find full details of the new feature here. But here’s what they say:

Now, when a potential customer sends you a request, you can tap the listings icon from the bottom of every Convo in the Sell on Etsy app to create a custom listing. What’s better, buyers will be able to add that custom listing to their cart right from the Convo–making it easier for you to get the sale.

If you have the Sell on Etsy app for iOS, you can start using this feature today. We plan to make this feature available on Android in the coming weeks.
– Jackie Do, Etsy

One of the big bugbears for ecommerce merchants who sell customised items, such as greetings cards or wedding accessories that can be personalised, is that the marketplaces have not always catered for sellers of such goods. Indeed, both eBay and Amazon lag somewhat with such features where Etsy is very much leading the way.

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