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By Chris Dawson April 9, 2018 - 10:30 am

Every online seller will need packaging but many packaging suppliers have designed their supply chain for customers who can order by the lorry load. Enter DS Smith ePack, who have tailored their service specifically to the needs of SME online retailers.

DS Smith ePack BoxesYou can order with next day delivery in quantities to suit your needs removing the need to order excessive quantities and with free next day delivery for orders over £100.

With an account you can log in to to quickly reorder when stocks run low and cut the packaging you store on site to a minimum knowing it can be replenished within 24 hours.

We spoke to Fabrice Clerc Renaud, Managing Director at DS Smith ePack to find out more:

Who are DS Smith?

DS Smith is a global leading packaging company of customer-specific packaging with emphasis on state-of-the art packaging design and local service close to customer facilities. With a product portfolio that includes transit packaging, consumer packaging, displays and promotional packaging, customised protective packaging and industrial packaging, DS Smith answers to each market requirement.

What do you do?

DS Smith ePack has been designed with the needs of SME sellers in mind. As a major global packaging company we have tailored our online shop offering to be a one stop shop for all your ecommerce packaging needs.

Backed by our global expertise, the range includes specially designed corrugated e-commerce boxes, as well as a carefully selected range of supplementary products – everything you need to pack your goods efficiently and create an impressive unboxing experience for your customers.

Buying packaging has never been so easy. Order before 3pm and we deliver everything the next working day. If your order is over £100, the shipping is free!

How can I find the packaging I need?

It is important to us that it is easy for you to find the ideal packaging solution for your products. Therefore we have taken extra care in a user-oriented online shop approach. Our main navigation is split in two menus:

Shop by product

If you know exactly which product you are looking for, you can navigate the traditional way through ‘shop by product’.

Shop by usage

If you want to compare various packaging options for your range of ecommerce products you’ll can find specifically curated selections of products through the ‘shop by usage’ navigation option, for example everything to ship electronic products safely.

Furthermore our packaging specialists are reachable via phone, email and live chat to help with any queries and assist finding the right packaging.

What makes DS Smith ePack unique

DS Smith ePack is the first online channel created by a major packaging manufacturer specifically for small clients. As the main supplier of Amazon, we are looking to share our ecommerce expertise with smaller businesses across the UK. Thus we supply small order quantities to suit your businesses needs coupled with convenient next day delivery. Benefit by buying innovative packaging solutions directly from the manufacturer. The product range is tailored for online retailers and all of the packaging solutions have been designed with ecommerce in mind.

Our packaging specialists are ready to assist via live chat, email and phone. You can also log into your account to make reordering as simple as the click of a button.

To cut down on storage for packaging, we offer small minimum order quantities and next day delivery so you only need to order the packaging you need now – you can reorder when your supplies run low secure in the knowledge that replenishments will arrive tomorrow.

Focused on offering our customers the best e-commerce packaging solutions we will soon be launching made2fit, an innovation created by our experienced product designers that severely reduces the need for void fill, parcel volumes and storage space. It is the perfect packaging solution for small multi product e-commerce retailers: From only 3 sizes of basic sheets you will be able to create 39 different box sizes.

Further functionalities that we are currently developing to improve your shopping experience are product bundles, coupons, a quick reorder option and a wish list function. Also an enhanced product finder that will guide you via questions to find the ideal packaging for your specific needs. Later this year we will be launching a customization tool that lets you add a custom designed print to any of our corrugated boxes. This way you can impress your customers with a branded unboxing experience and still benefit from our small minimum order quantities.

DS Smith plays a part in the sustainable economy by producing corrugated packaging using recycled and recyclable materials. We look at the cost and carbon impact of the whole Supply Cycle, taking into consideration the transportation, wastage on the packing line and the materials used in the packaging.

Why should I use DS Smith ePack rather than your competitors?

DS Smith has vast experience in designing and manufacturing packaging for ecommerce. Being the main packaging provider for leading global e-retailers we have always worked on an 1:1 base with individual clients who ordered in large quantities.

With DS Smith ePack we have created an online shop where small and medium-sized online retail businesses can purchase innovative packaging solutions. You can now benefit from over 75 years of manufacturing experience, innovative designs with small minimum order quantities and convenient next day delivery – free if you order over £100.

What should I do next?

Visit our DS Smith ePack website and place a trial order today.

  • richard
    1 year ago

    Disappointed with my visit to this specialist website. Zero out of six of the sizes of packaging we use listed on the website – nothing even close.

    • 1 year ago

      Hi Richard, we are sorry that you could not find what you were looking for. Our store has just recently launched, therefore we are constantly increasing our product range. Did you try to contact our customer service? We would be happy to provide you with a quote for the packaging range you need. Feel free to contact us via

  • craig
    1 year ago

    Just took a look and can buy the same products elsewhere at a quarter of the price and my current suppliers are paying the Amazon/Ebay commissions and offering free delivery with no minimum purchase price!

    • 1 year ago

      Hi Craig,
      thank you for your feedback. It is important to us to provide high-quality packaging solutions at a competitive price range. It would be great if you could point us to the products you are usually purchasing at a cheaper price. We are constantly working on improving our offering.

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DS Smith ePack

Specially designed corrugated e-commerce boxes, as well as a carefully selected range of supplementary products

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