Just about everyone loves shopping online with marketplaces, says UPS

By Dan Wilson April 13, 2018 - 6:10 am

UPS may be stating the bleeding obvious but the numbers are compelling. Marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon are both important and popular with shoppers. They did a survey that discovered choice, convenience and trustworthiness are crucial concerns for shoppers. You can find the full survey findings here.

Almost all online shoppers in the markets surveyed shop on marketplaces, which are defined as third-party ecommerce sites that let multiple merchants sell products. In Mexico, 99% of shoppers reported making a marketplace purchase, compared with 98% in Asia and 96% in both Europe and Canada. The top reasons for using marketplaces are the better prices and free or discounted shipping.

Understanding shoppers and meeting their demands is crucial in this rapidly changing landscape.To stand out, smart companies must recognize that, with competition now coming from around the world, consumers want different ways to make purchases, more convenient ways to receive them and innovative experiences from start to finish.
– Alan Gershenhorn, chief commercial officer, UPS

The study also showed that global competition for customers is increasing, with a significant number of online shoppers in Canada (83%), Brazil (81%) and Mexico (78%) making purchases from international retailers. In the U.S., nearly half (47%) of shoppers made international purchases. Consumers shopped internationally primarily for better prices and access to specific or unique products.

We might be glib in our presentation of the facts from this survey but they do make a useful point: marketplaces work. You may fantasise about going solo and operating purely through an independent website. But it really is rather more difficult than you might imagine. Marketing is the big concern and also the major expense. eBay and Amazon are really very, very good at marketing and they spend millions making sure they are at the front of shopper’s minds. Do you have the pockets and expertise to do the same?

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