House of Fraser transforms into ‘brand platform’ as it brings luxury Chinese brands to the UK

By Paul Skeldon April 13, 2018 - 5:22 am

House of Fraser is transforming itself from ‘department store’ to ‘international brand platform’ with a deal to bring Chinese brands to the UK and Europe.

Having invested in a new supply chain management platform supplied by HoF’s majority share holder Sanpower Group, the retailer is planning to create a pathway through which premium Chinese brands can access the wider UK market and beyond. This will enhance HoF’s position a a unique brand platform.

The initiative, which goes against the common maxim of UK brands looking to access the massive Chinese market, actually supports the Chinese Government’s ‘Belt and Road’ vision, designed to boost trade and stimulate economic growth across Asia and beyond.

“The traditional image associated with Made in China is changing. Increasing numbers of high-quality Chinese products are becoming popular with British and European consumers. Once these products enter House of Fraser’s sales channel, they will be able to access Europe and the greater global market, given quality and credit endorsement from House of Fraser. Furthermore, consolidating our global supply network through made-in-China products and Chinese brands will support House of Fraser in further boosting sales and competitiveness.”
– Simon Pickering, UK global product sourcing director, House of Fraser

The new Sanpower Supply Chain and Branding Management Centre will run House of Fraser’s trade orders, and promises to increase the breadth and depth of its in-house range while shortening the product development cycle and delivery.

In the past, limitations of talent, channels, and costs have made it difficult for a company to develop export business alone. International supply chain platforms like this help to bring together high-quality suppliers with similar needs to form a group. In the future, as these enterprises share their information and data, cross-border and cross-business interconnection will create greater value.

“This is a great platform for premium Chinese products to reach the UK and further afield across Europe. Chinese manufacturing has transformed in recent years from extensive processing and production into a new era marked by independent designs, proprietary brands and innovation. We are excited to use our tremendous network of resources and cross-border retail expertise to bring the best of Chinese retail to the UK market in a way that brings great value to customers and brands alike.”
– Kong Jun, chief executive, Sanpower’s new commerce industry group.

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