Have you been impacted by the TSB banking outage?

By Dan Wilson April 25, 2018 - 10:27 pm

UK bank TSB has been the victim of technical problems this week. Have you been affected and are the problems resolved? We’d love to hear from you because there are lots of mixed messages. TSB says all is well but many customers seem to be saying otherwise.

TSB CEO Paul Pester says all is well but maybe customers don’t see it that way if they predominantly bank online. But the sad fact is that stacks of business customers are not being served well.

I want to reassure our customers that the engine room of the bank is working as it should. This means that for the vast majority of our five million customers, everything is running smoothly.

They can do their day-to-day banking, such as using their cards to get money out of cash machines and paying for goods with their debit or credit card in shops both on the high street and online. All of the services that happen every day such as direct debits, standing orders, payments including salary credits, and transfers going in and out of accounts are working as normal.
– Paul Pester, TSB CEO

The problems that exist, and do persist, are with online banking and the mobile app. However, those are currently being resolved:

The problems stem from a scheduled upgrade that was supposed to last between 4pm on Friday last, the 20th April, and 6pm on Sunday the 22th. The window was based on a TSB migration from former umbrella company Lloyds Banking Group’s tech systems. TSB warned customers that online services may not be available during that time. But the process seemingly wasn’t successful.

Tamebay always accepts that things do sometimes go wrong and is relatively forgiving. But this does sound like and seem like a major problem. Many SMEs are still reporting banking problems. Are you one of them?

  • Barnabas Townshend
    7 months ago

    Online for Business is currently unavailable

    We’re doing essential maintenance on the site. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please try again later.

    So still not available Thursday 26th am

  • Malcolm Serbert
    7 months ago

    In order to avoid the TSB “problem” I decided to move the bulk of my capital from TSB into another bank account. This was on Thursday afternoon April 26th,

    After 3 tries I finally managed to get the transaction completed, but before that I was experiencing delays on just about everything I did online.

    Slow loading etc and having to re submit pages that were not accepted.

    The whole transaction should have been over in 2 to 3 minutes, but it took closer to 20 minutes to complete.

    So all is not well – yet.

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