eBay Ads appear on Google’s YouTube shopping ad carousels

By Chris Dawson April 30, 2018 - 12:18 pm

eBay are doing some interesting things with Google on YouTube to promote products from SME eBay sellers. They are promoting relevant products on YouTube shopping ad carousels alongside videos as shopping results.

The experience will vary depending on the device you’re watching YouTube on, sponsored shopping results may appear below the video or on some screen sizes there will be a ‘Shop’ button to click to open the shopping results tab.

In this example spotted by eBay specialist Jane Bell, the video subject was making cold process soap and shopping results were for finished product from eBay sellers. It’s particularly gratifying that the eBay seller who’s products were being promoted is relatively small with just 532 feedback. This isn’t just a way to promote brands on eBay but rather a program to expose eBay’s millions of unique product to consumers who are actively expressing an interest in similar items as they’re already watching a video on the subject.

Jane also points out that the landing page from the shopping results are eBay’s new product landing pages which display similar items below the headline product. It’s worth noting that you can buy from this page so title, images, condition, short description, shipping cost and price are all important.

If you’re not convinced on the importance of quality images and adding Product Identifiers (Brand, GTIN, Manufacturer Part Number) these are critical according to Jane – Google simply won’t accept product feeds without this information so if you want eBay to have the ability to promote your products off eBay then you’ll need to add the requisite details.

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