Did the weather bump your Easter Sales this weekend?

By Chris Dawson April 3, 2018 - 12:58 pm

Easter was a bit of a wash out across most of the country and hopefully that means you had a bumper Easter sales weekend as bored consumers turned online for some retail therapy. That was certainly the case for Lingerie Outlet Store who’s outgoing post is already piling up awaiting collection as the photo shows… and they still have another 4,000 orders to pick and pack today.

With marketplaces having strict requirements for despatch times, whilst it might appear unfair, it’s tempting to prioritise orders which could impact your seller status over and above orders placed on your own website. Equally, some customers may have placed orders with express shipping options and these too should be prioritised.

Lingerie Outlet Store have over 30 employees working today to pick and pack orders to get through the four day backlog from their Easter sales. Following the double bank holiday weekend, for many retailers this will be one of the biggest shipping days of the year rivalling Black Friday and Christmas sales.

Lingerie Outlet Store have technology on their side as all their pickers and packers are equipped with handheld scanners integrated with the Peoplevox warehouse management system and ChannelAdvisor running their back office systems. Without technology, the prospect of shipping this number of orders in a single day would be a mind bogglingly difficult task – it’s still a mammoth undertaking even with tech assistance.

How were your Easter sales? Did you have a good weekend with the rainy weather or were your sales less than anticipated?

  • SAM
    2 years ago

    ” it’s tempting to prioritise orders which could impact your seller status over and above orders placed on your own website.”
    WHY would you do that????, we run our own site and have full control over it, so WHY on earth would you prioritise a market place order over someone who has come and bought from you DIRECT, it is not tempting at all.

    • alan paterson
      2 years ago

      @ Sam – it IS tempting to prioritise the orders that you are being “assessed” ie marketplace orders.

      I must be honest we do this. We want to keep our ebay TRS on our shops and we also want to stay well within the 1% order defect rate on Amazon.

      A late order on our web site has little or no impact (although obviously we try to avoid this happening. A late order on Amazon or ebay can potentially be damaging or at least detrimental to sales. It IS tempting.

      We had over 400 orders going out today after the weekend. Ebay and Amazon were processed first purely because they are measuring our performance.

      I am happy to report that our web site orders also went out but we didn’t start packing them till 3pm this afternoon.

    • 2 years ago


      As Alan said, it would be foolish to impact your seller performance for the sake of it.

      We got all our orders out today including orders from our own web site, but we had been in on Friday afternoon / Saturday morning.

      Our Amazon orders are showing as ” Deliver by 6 Apr 2018 to 10 Apr 2018″, so if we are pushed that does give us some flexibility, if we were stretched.

    • Paul
      2 years ago

      Agreed. First in, first out.

      If you have to prioritise your marketplace orders, you don’t have enough staff or resources in place to deal with the quantity of orders you receive.

      If your priority is how the marketplaces are measuring you, then you are blind to how customers buying from you directly will be measuring you also. What do they do if they get a late delivery? Probably order from Amazon (you?) next time. So your margin drops because you didn’t think a customer on your own website was a priority.

      It’s all opinion of course, but it seems black and white to me.

  • rich
    2 years ago

    A better question is what is Chris doing hanging around taking photos at the back door to the lingerie shop 🙂

    • 2 years ago

      Lets hope he was wearing a plastic mac in case it rained….

  • dt
    2 years ago

    Please ask your writers if they know the difference between “who’s” and “whose” before letting them loose on your website….

    • alan paterson
      2 years ago

      @ dt ….. so you think we should have English lessons before we are allowed to post on here? That would alienate a large percentage of the contributors on here…………..
      As long as the point is made (in my opinion) thats all that matters and i can hardly see the point being misinterpreted by your example.

    • james
      2 years ago

      I think the original, paid-for article written by a “professional” journalist, for a professional forum, for industry professionals, written in the English Language for an English Language audience, could at least show High School English Language skills at the very, very minimum.

      Call me an idealist, but i’d go so far as to expect professional, paid writers, to occasionaly impress me with their Language skills, not horrify me with their constant lack of such.

      There’s a built-in spelling and grammar checker in every browser these days, if you can’t spell, turn it on ffs.

    • dt
      2 years ago

      @alanpaterson. I disagree – people writing professionally owe it to their readers and to themselves, to be able to spell properly. It’s not just about being understood. I’m not commenting on the people who post – not even the two errors in your own post – you only have to look at Facebook postings to see the woeful level of English (‘would of’ instead of ‘would have’, people not knowing the difference between ‘bought’ and ‘brought’ amongst others) that abounds. If those who write the articles can’t grasp basic spelling and grammar then it’s just a race to the bottom.

    • Alan Paterson
      2 years ago

      @ dt. well, you can disagree all you want but people like you make folk conscious and are one of the reasons some folk are “scared” to post because someone like you comes along and criticises spelling.

      as long as it is understood there is no problem.

      i don’t come on here to learn how to spell or educate other folks how to spell. I came on here to network an share my experiences of marketplaces.

      many folk on here English is their second language – they are doing well by writing posts – who cares if some words are misspelt.

      One of the worst (self-confessed) spellers is Richard Branston. But with your logic you wouldn’t want to listen to him on a post because he would misspell a few words.

      If you think that is what platforms like this are all about then you are an idiot sir. I want to hear what people have to say, I want to hear their advice and experience – misspelt or not.

    • dt
      2 years ago

      So @alanpaterson, you clearly have a problem with reading as well as spelling and grammar! The point that I made in my original post, added to by @james and in my original reply to you is clearly directed at the person who wrote the original article. I specifically say that I’m not having a go at people who post.
      If English is not the first language of people who read these articles, then it’s all the more important that they are correctly written. If they are not, how are these readers going to improve their knowledge of the language?
      I thank you for your comments, I’m not going to correct your own spelling and grammar.

    • 2 years ago

      @dt – Personally I thought your post to be childish, I would have had more respect for your thoughts if you had actually commented and contributed on the article itself, as well as pointing out the error.

      Yes you are correct, well done you, the writer did make a mistake using the wrong word in 250+, and you spotted it! But did that really matter?

      I am right behind you with your thoughts on bad use of spelling and grammar all over the internet and I know I am far from perfect, but there has to be a certain level of acceptance to somebody making one small mistake in an article, professionally written or not.

    • dt
      2 years ago

      May I refer you to the comments of @james.

      My own Easter weekend was extremely busy, but the week has been quiet since. The whole point of ebay is that it’s supposed to be a global marketplace, so whether it’s raining in the UK or not should be more than made up for by the rest of the world.

      The fact that it doesn’t shows the general decline in ebay’s popularity for its traditional sellers.

    • alan paterson
      2 years ago

      @ dt, I have often worked alongside folk with disadvantages. Some are fantastic at maths but find it difficult to put a sentence together.

      These folk have mammoth potential and have much to share. They need encouragement to write posts online so as they can educate, learn and interact with other people. Sometimes this takes years.

      Then someone like you comes along and starts to say they shouldn’t be writing online unless they can spell or have their grammar correct!

      My spelling is not the best…….so by your logic – you wouldn’t listen to me about selling on ebay and or Amazon.

      You are obviously ignorant at the evolution of our language – particularly English as a result of the internet. You cant hold back the tide coming in.

      It is important to allow folk to post what they want AND express their opinions and “educate” us and learn in return without the prejudice of folk like you who say they shouldn’t be posting because they cannot gasp the intricacies of grammar and spelling.

      I was diagnosed with a “CONDITION” many years ago and I was bombarded with people like telling me what I CANT do and what I shouldn’t be doing.

      How dare you come on here – a forum that is designed to discuss ebay and making money online – and tell folk they shouldn’t be posting because of grammatical and spelling errors.

      I am sure there are forums for first aid in English but this forum is primarily to exchange information on how to build a business on third party platforms. NOT SPELLING!

      Tyler was bang on – there has to be – at the very least – a certain level of acceptance. You coming on here spouting nonsense about spelling and grammar (which I know will better folk from expressing their opinion or sharing their experiences) would diminish this site in ways I cant even express.

      If another seller can give me information that may help by business I dont give a damn if he can spell.

      You sir are an idiot – your view makes me angry and they are WAY off topic.

      This was meant to be a post about Easter Sales and folk like you just take it off at an irrelevant tangent that will ultimately cause (some) sellers to be anxious about posting – lest they get the spelling wrong!

      Would you tell someone with a speech impediment not to speak? You sir, are very ignorant to the big picture and have completely lost the point of these threads. You should be looking at the information and how you can apply it to your business rather than picking peoples posts apart for spelling errors.

  • 2 years ago

    We had an absolute shocker in terms of eBay sales. I am going to wheel out the old ‘tap off’ cliche. Worst payday/public holiday sales period we have ever had – and we stacked ready for it! We have no explanation and the traffic data is only up to 25th March so, as yet, no inklings!

    • 2 years ago

      Bank holiday Monday was very good, weather was sh… shocking!

      Other than that business as normal on eBay, maybe 10/15% higher

  • Kyle
    2 years ago

    We did well but Royal Mail hasn’t delivered much since Thursday 29th. The delays are worse than Christmas or the snow.

    I thought Amazon’s estimates of the 6th-10th were too pessimistic but apparently they saw it coming. If only Ebay would give us the same courtesy.

    • 2 years ago

      I must be using a different Royal mail service to you as my parcels are getting through ok.

      Amazons estimated delivery times have always been the same, the problem with them is that they tell people earlier expected delivery dates then once they have purchased tell them it will take longer.

      On the plus side we always deliver within time.

      I try and tell customers not to believe everything Amazon tells you…

    • Kyle
      2 years ago

      I’ve never seen the dates change but I’ve had customers mention it. However I don’t believe them.

      1) We’ve had customers phone us 30 minutes after their order was dispatched asking where it was delivered to. So there’s definitely people who think that “dispatched” and “delivered” mean the same thing (although Amazon doesn’t show the dispatch date anymore so this is less of a problem).

      2) Every day we deal with customers who read stuff like “estimated between 6th-10th” as “guaranteed by the 6th”.

      3) Then there’s people who read the delivery estimate on the listing (e.g. “get it by tomorrow”) but choose a cheaper service during checkout (e.g. “no rush”) and think the delivery date will stay the same.

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