Changes to removal policy for Amazon Feedback

By Dan Wilson April 2, 2018 - 10:50 pm

There have been announced changes to the Amazon Feedback removal policy. They will be reducing the time that Amazon buyers can leave feedback for sellers from one year down to three months. The timescale may have changed but the terms and conditions, the grounds for removal, haven’t ben amended.

Currently, seller feedback is eligible for removal up to 365 days after the buyer submits it. Effective May 17, 2018, after 90 days seller feedback will no longer be eligible for removal. This policy change will apply to all seller feedback, including feedback submitted prior to this announcement. Feedback removal requests must still meet all other eligibility criteria to be considered for removal. To learn more about managing your feedback, visit
– Amazon announcement

On one level it is quite interesting to discover that Amazon had a policy that meant seller feedback was removable for up to 1 year in place. That’s news to us and does seem like an overly long time. Three months does seem to make more sense and offers more than adequate time to lodge an appeal. It also puts the terms on a similar level with eBay.

And, anecdotally, even with a year’s horizon, it’s quite unusual for seller feedback to come in any more than a week or two after a complete transaction.

That feedback on Amazon doesn’t hold the same significance to merchants in the same way it is so jealously protected by eBayers. Yes, it can have a detrimental impact of seller performance but buyers don’t use feedback in the same way as on eBay. The Tamebay take is that this change will most likely have little or no daily impact on your business.

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