4 things to consider when getting your listings translated

By Chris Dawson April 17, 2018 - 10:30 am

We’ve partnered with InterCultural Elements to bring you a 10 part video series to give you a head start on expanding your sales to new territories. Over the next weeks it will form a step by step guide to your international expansion.

Today Scott Galvao of Intercultural Elements turns the focus on the top 4 things to consider when getting your listings translated. We all know that listings sell better if they’re in the local language of the country that they’re listed in, but too many companies offer solutions which, whilst they are a rough translation, may not produce the results your product offerings deserve.

Scott covers everything you need to consider when getting your listings translated, from whether to opt for machine or human translations, things to look out for when hiring a translator, why your chosen translator needs to be familiar with ecommerce and the marketplaces you trade on and how to avoid being overcharged and save money are all covered in this week’s video.

We’ve still got 5 more videos to come in this ‘How to take your ecommerce business abroad’ series so if there are any particular aspects of international selling and expanding your sales to new territories that you’d like us to address, let us know in comments below.

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