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By Chris Dawson March 19, 2018 - 11:34 am

This week we spotted some sponsored adverts on Pricesearcher and this immediately piqued our interest. Known as PriceBoost, it’s Pricesearchers first official paid ad offering.

Pricesearcher launched as a free solution and promised no fees for retailers. They’ve been funded for several years and initially told us that there were no plans to charge fees, so we wanted to know if things were changing and are delighted to report that they’re not. Pricesearcher is still free for merchants to list their inventory on.

What appears to have happened is that retailers are so delighted with the results that they’ve seen from Pricesearcher that they want more and offered to pay to attract more traffic. That’s a stunning endorsement of the Pricesearcher solution and good news for merchants – if you’re still considering adding your feed to Pricesearcher for free then it’s time to do so. If you already have an existing feed, regardless of what format it is in, adding your feed to Pricesearcher should literally take just a few minutes of your time.

We asked Pricesearcher’s CEO Sam to tell us more about their new PriceBoost sponsored listings:

Since our beta launch, we’ve had numerous requests from retailers to advertise on Pricesearcher. Our organic traffic was really taking off, from Dec 2016, when we launched with 50m Products (now 1.2Bn!) with little advertising we had delivered close to £90m in gross value product click outs to merchants which was pure organic traffic.
We always intended to have an advertising solution, however, I decided to not focus on this for at least a year, there was so much to do. After an approach by a leading digital agency early this year, we agreed to work in closed beta to develop our first Ad Product.

PriceBoost is our first official ad product

The first iteration of PriceBoost works at category level on a cost-per-click model. It’s all controlled at the feed level and is incredibly easy to set up. PriceBoost works by taking your most relevant product that appears in a users search and boosts it to the top ad position. It’s much easier than Google Adwords and much cheaper too. The ad allows a retailer to make use of specific sales messaging across an entire category. eg ‘30% of all laptops’ and crucial bespoke ad extensions that help users click through.
We are thrilled to have Argos as our beta client and we’re excited to say that the data so far on PriceBoost has been amazing, way beyond our expectations.
When users visit us, they are so far down the buying/decision making funnel that the click-through and sales conversion rates are way above normal for all industry metrics.
Before doing a full launch of PriceBoost, we are working with a few clients at a time so that we can maximise the learnings and share the data. We expect a full launch of PriceBoost towards the end of the year.

– Samuel Dean, CEO, Pricesearcher

If you’re interested in finding more about PriceBoost on Pricesearcher, visit their page.

  • SAM
    2 years ago

    ahhhhhh there goes that then, big retailers will simply take over…

    • 2 years ago

      Hey Sam
      I understand the thinking that the deepest pockets would win in situations like this however for PS it’s not the case. The cpc’s in beta are low and once out of beta when we eventually launch…they’ll be low again. This is about opening out search opportunities for everyone, no matter how big/small you are. If want to get in touch, i can happily talk you through it.

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