New Azimo money transfer service to China

By Chris Dawson March 13, 2018 - 10:00 am

Azimo has launched a new money transfer service to China, enabling customers to send money from 24 countries in Europe to individual bank accounts in China, delivered in local currency. With 99% coverage of bank accounts in China, low rates and fast delivery times, Azimo say that their service is now superior to any other provider in the market.

With £4.1 billion (US$5.6 billion) transferred to China from Europe each year, Azimo’s online service will cut the cost of sending money by around 50%. For example, for a transfer of £300 sent from UK to China the current Azimo fee is £10.32 – current high-street bank fees are typically over £20.00.

The new money transfer service enables you to send money to individuals in Yuan or to any business in US Dollars. If you’re ordering goods from China then paying in Dollars will probably be attractive to your supplier.

“Azimo already helps people send money to more than 190 countries – and this improved service to China enables our customers to pay directly into bank accounts in local currency in this critical market. By 2030, China is forecast to become the world’s largest economy, and so it’s also vitally important that European businesses are able to make payments there easily.”
– Michael Kent, CEO at Azimo

The expansion follows Azimo’s recent launch of fast weekend transfers to a number of countries including Nigeria, the Philippines, Bangladesh and Colombia, allowing money transfers to reach recipients in less than an hour even at weekends.

  • Paul
    9 months ago

    Since the beginning of the month, my friend and I have lost money, and have not been delivered or returned back to us

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