EMAIL deal will see Geely SUV drivers able to shop from their cars in China

By Paul Skeldon March 20, 2018 - 12:35 pm, China’s largest retailer, is extending its smart home platform, Alpha, to the auto industry, making it possible for drivers to make e-commerce purchases directly from their cars.

Through a partnership Geely’s 2018 Boyue SUV will be the first model to include JD’s Alpha-powered connected car solution. The solution leverages JD’s capabilities in AI, IoT and big data to provide users with access to services including location services, smart reminders, vehicle management, data analysis, voice control and other smart services.

The 2018 Boyue SUVs that integrate JD’s technology will support the control of over 1,000 smart home appliances and devices such as smart air purifiers, air conditioners, lighting, and speakers.

The deal with Geely marks JD’s official entrance into the connected car market. The opening of JD’s Alpha platform to Geely and other partners will enable users to control various aspects of their car remotely and also open up on-board e-commerce capabilities. Once a car has access to JD’s Alpha platform, the car owner will be able to remotely check the status of the car, and even turn on the heat or air conditioning while still inside the house.

In addition, JD will integrate a one-click e-commerce experience for vehicle owners to easily and conveniently buy auto supplies and other essentials directly from the screens in their cars on the drive home.

“This partnership will bring unprecedented convenience to car drivers. As we continue to push the limits of retail, online and offline, by integrating new smart solutions and products, our advanced technology is making it easier and more convenient for our users to shop wherever and whenever they choose. In extending Alpha to cars, the sky is the limit in terms of other connected services we can offer drivers in the future. We look forward to continuing to work with our partners to realize this vision.”

Dr. Kefeng Li, Vice President,

JD has recently made several significant upgrades to its Alpha platform. Towards the end of last year, the company launched the JD Smart TV Screen Alliance to enable consumers to enjoy its convenient and personalized e-commerce experience right from their TV screens. Other products leveraging JD’s smart services platform include refrigerators, speakers, and smart home appliances such as air conditioners and air purifiers. The company also debuted its JD DingDong Play, China’s first large-display assistant, at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show. JD DingDong Play, which features an Intel Atom processor, is the first home personal assistant device to leverage facial recognition.

  • james
    3 years ago

    terrible idea.
    this isn’t really new tech. as long as there have been laptops you’ve had the ability to do online shopping while on the motorway. building it into the dashboard doesn’t make it any smarter an idea.

  • northumbrian
    3 years ago

    who knows ! someone might invent a car to get you from A to B
    if you get 3 points for using a mobile while driving how many points is a whole car worth

  • alan paterson
    3 years ago

    Citroen done this years ago with the “XM Multimedia” shortly after the wheel was invented …………

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