GameSeek see marketplace growth in Q1

By Chris Dawson March 3, 2018 - 1:13 pm

GameSeek have revealed that February 2018 saw the highest sales ever on their marketplace platform. We specifically verified that this was their highest sales through 3rd party merchants and didn’t include Gameseek’s own sales on the platform so this is encouraging news.

Online retail can be a seasonal affair with peak times often around summer and Christmas. For GameSeek Marketplace, however, 2018 has already broken that trend. The sales figures are in and show that the annual large ‘dip’ that follows Christmas saw a reversal this year, with February 2018 having greater success than December 2017. Despite February being a shorter month by 3 days, it has overtaken the extremely busy holiday season in terms of sales.

“Traffic is definitely a factor in this sales turnaround as is the high quality of Marketplace Partners. This is a clear indicator that we are on the right path.

GameSeek only get paid when retailers get paid: offering £0 monthly fees, £0 set up fees, £0 listings fees and working closely with every retailer advising them how to win the buy box, including disclosing their own offer prices to be completely transparent.

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