FedEx launches a Returns Technology service for ecommerce

By Dan Wilson March 21, 2018 - 6:13 pm

This week has seen the launch of FedEx Returns Technology. It’s new service billed as a comprehensive solution for returns management which aims to give high-volume merchants and ecommerce retailers the ability to quickly and easily improve their customer experience by helping them take returns.

They say that by using the FedEx Returns Technology platform, merchants will have complete visibility into returns requested by shoppers as well as giving merchants an easy way to track shipments, manage inventory, analyse returns trends and make more informed decisions based on shoppers’ returns behaviours. The service will be integrated into more than 1,700 participating FedEx Office locations across the United States and enable retailers to offer their customers the ability to easily drop off returns that can be inspected, professionally packed and, in some cases, enable a faster credit refund.

Returns are increasingly important to buyers with a recent service cited on the product page saying that 95% of online shoppers would shop again with a retailer who provided a satisfactory returns experience. And that seems to be the key impetus behind this new feature:

Returns have rapidly evolved into a critical factor, second only to cost, in satisfying today’s e-commerce customers. FedEx Returns Technology bridges the gap between digital and physical, allowing merchants to define a returns strategy that works for their business model and for their customers.
– Ryan Kelly, senior vice president, FedEx Supply Chain

As it stands this service is currently only available to merchants trading in the United States, but it is a useful reminder and indicator of how big shipping firms are thinking in terms of what they offer to retailers and their customers.

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