eBay Under Ten – A New Under £10 Shopping Destination

By Chris Dawson March 1, 2018 - 9:00 am

eBay UK is introducing Under Ten – a new destination offering the top under £10 items in hundreds of categories as fixed price with free shipping.

From women’s watches for £5.99 to Sony headphones for just £9.99, Under Ten offers shoppers over 3 million brand new items that won’t break the bank all in one shopping destination. Beyond category, shoppers can browse trending items by price – such as “beauty under £5” and “tech under £10” – across men’s and women’s clothing, fitness, home decor and more.

“Nothing beats the satisfaction of discovering great items at incredible prices and with Under Ten, we have made it easy and fun for shoppers to browse our unbeatable variety and choice of inventory at great value for money”
– Murray Lambell, VP of UK Trading at eBay

Under Ten which also carries an under £5 section, highlights the best of your inventory on eBay:

Women’s hats
Phone cases
Fitness equipment
Men’s jackets
Fidget spinners
Women’s boots
Hair Tools
Football Fan Apparel & Souvenirs
Men’s Trainers
Women’s Bags

Will your products be included in eBay Under Ten?

To be included we know you definitely need to be a business seller in good standing selling brand new goods at a fixed price and under £10 (or under £5).

We’ve had a browse of the new eBay ‘Under Ten’ assortment and there appears to be a goodly selection of sellers, some with 10s of 1000s of feedback but also a fair number of sellers with low 1000s of feedback and we even found a listing from a seller with just 52 feedback (yes fifty-two). This suggests that there is a pretty fair chance of just about any professional seller having their stock highlighted and it’s not just an opportunity for eBay’s favoured large brand retailers.

Have a browse of the various categories and let us know if you spot any of your own products included in the Under Ten destination site – eBay are likely to be doing some promotional activity to drive traffic so, unless you don’t sell products valued at under a tenner, it’s hard not to give a nod of approval.

  • 4 years ago

    is this eBay’s reaction to WISH?

  • Jenny
    4 years ago

    You’ve stated “we know you definitely need to be a business seller” but the seller you have said has 52 feedback isn’t registered as a business seller.

    • 4 years ago

      Ohh – interesting! I stand corrected. Thank you!

  • NorthCrystal
    4 years ago

    That non-business seller with 52 feedback… looks like selling single item which has stolen picture/desc and comes 3x times cheaper (how?!) than main seller of that product.

    and Tamebay promoting such seller / behaviour. Shame on you guys.

  • northumbrian
    4 years ago

    we thought most things under a tenner were free on ebay
    you only need to say they did not arrive / damaged or the box was empty

  • Wolfy
    4 years ago

    Been on there, looked at it, load of rubbish!
    Why do they assume that all people want to see is cheap fashion clothes, bling and tat. Even the so-called technology stuff was just stickers and badges to tart up a teenage phone.
    There was nothing like a tools and hardware category – yer know, the really useful stuff. But then the sellers of those things are probably not classed as business sellers with thousands of feedback ratings. These are the sellers that eBay want to force off the site and have us just buying cheap hoodies instead.
    I used to use eBay a lot but my visits to it now are getting less and less.

  • Jan
    4 years ago

    Just looked at first 3 for womens boots and all from CHINA!

  • 4 years ago

    Doesn’t work well enough.

    If you click on posters under £10, ebay only shows you those in the art posters category. If a poster is under £10 but only listed in another poster category (eg rock music posters) you won’t see it. I’m sure there’ll be other examples in other categories too.

    Someone at ebay got paid for this idea. Sigh!

  • Anj
    4 years ago

    “Will your products be included in eBay Under Ten?”

    Not unless you give free postage

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