eBay £1 Selling Promotion for Private Sellers

By Chris Dawson March 4, 2018 - 2:26 pm

There is an eBay £1 Selling Promotion for private sellers available today – Pay a £1 insertion fee when you make a listing, and then nothing when it sells.

The eBay offer runs from Sunday the 4th to Monday the 5th of March 2018 so you’ll need to be quick, you only have 2 days if you want to take advantage.

With most private sellers having a monthly allowance of free listings and when that runs out paying £0.35 insertion fees, you’ll end up paying more up front than normal. However on the back end, if you are confident that your items will sell, the 10% final value fees will be zeroed and your total insertion and final value fees will be £1 per listing.

This is going to appeal to sellers with items they are confident will sell for over £10 or you’d be better off paying the regular fees. For significantly higher value items, limiting fees to £1 a listing seems like a pretty good deal.

eBay £1 Selling Promotion Main rules

  • Create up to 100 listings on in an eligible category
  • Listings must start during the promotional period
  • Listings can be auction-style or fixed price format
  • Pay £1 Insertion Fee per listing
  • Pay no final value fees if the item sells.
  • The promotion start and end dates are included in the email eBay sent to invited sellers – if you didn’t get the email then you won’t be able to take part.
  • The item must sell within 30 days of the listing going live.

As usual there are some excluded categories and other restrictions and this is a private seller only offer.

  • Angela H
    1 year ago

    There is alot of discussion on the community boards about this offer as some sellers are mistaking it for the usual £1 maximum FVF offer. It would seem some sellers have received the £1 max FVF offer and others have received the pay £1 insertion fee with no FVF and once you’ve opted in you cannot opt out.

  • 1 year ago

    A bit naughty of eBay this offer because on my private seller account they have only just messaged me about the offer, and it’s not 2 days at all it’s valid from 7.43am today 5th March until 23.59 tonight (the 5th March) I’m sorry but that’s not 2 days, that’s 1 day

  • We were conned by this offer. Alright we did not read the fine print! Fortunately listed a test item but were shocked by the immediate fee of £1 -not refundable. I rang and complained last night and the rep said when item finishes ring up and ask for it back! Not going to risk that for the 99 remaining – with the sales we get here we would be paying £100 fees for a few low priced sales. I understand the offer now but it was presented (as Angela says) in exactly the same format as previous regular offers of max FVF.) This is a listing fee, eBay, with free commission. Phew Nearly got conned out of £100 I recommend anyone who has been conned to ask for their fees back maybe at end of listing.
    I realise that eBay are using this as a marketing test to see if free listings are a better offer than cheap FVF BUT it was a flawed test. AND Dan Marsden I got a reworded offer email this morning so maybe everyone got a revised offer following my ( and many others I am sure) complaints. I certainly asked for my complaint to be escalated. The original offer was worded so differently from the one today so the deal should have been extended. Glad it wasn’t as I want to get OUT of the deal but cannot until expiry
    Ah well back to business account and/or Amazon listings today

  • Dave T
    1 year ago

    I think this £1 upfront fee “offer” is at best sharp / questionable business practice by eBay.

    I had the usual £1 FVF offer, my friend had the £1 upfront insertion fee. Neither of us had seen this £1 up front fee offer before, so eBay should have highlighted it better.

    But coming after a string of £1 FVF offers, and to use the same £1 amount……but change the placement of the fee to upfront will have caught a lot of people out. eBay should have made it £1.99 or something to show folks there was something different so more read it. But they relied on familiarity and assumption (yes, to assume makes an ass of u and me)

    Im afraid Tamebay’s “pro-ebay” statement above is, in my opinion, overly kind to eBay. No sale is guaranteed, so eBay will be getting a lot of £1 fees on unsold items.

    I wonder if eBay will ever publish how many £1 upfront fees came on the back of unsold items? Or how many £1’s they refunded having caught sellers unaware?

    Maybe Tamebay can follow up on those queries which will go some way to balance out their support for the £1 upfront fee above.

    To my mind the best thing is not to use the £1 upfront fee offer, now or ever. The danger is it may become standard, and that is in no ones interest, except eBay!

  • Sue F
    1 year ago

    I have received the regular offer which reads “Sell for £1 max!
    £1 max final value fee on up to 100 listings and no insertion fee”. I would definitely feel conned if they asked for £1 insertion fee, it’s just not worth it for low value items.

  • Robert Jutla
    1 year ago

    What about the Europe Sarl invoice bit at the end of the month

  • Jane
    1 year ago

    The heading of this offer says “Enjoy £1 Selling Fees” NOT “Enjoy £1 Insertion Fees” so the offer is very misleading, ebay is so sneaky doing this, They take enough off for fees as it is. I definitely feel conned, although fortunately I didn’t list my 100 items, I only listed 15 but thats still £15 less in my pocket as my items may not sell at all and I will loose money in this.. Sending some people this offer and others the usual Max £1 final selling fee is sneaky. How many millions are they making from this con?

  • david collinge
    1 year ago

    You have to be clever and only list high value items that you hope will sell for over £10. I’d accepted the offer like many others only to gasp when seeing the fees when relisting my items.
    I did have 3 things scheduled to start later on Sunday and luckily they were expensive items that I would gain from he offer.
    I had to wait to relist my usual listing ontil Tuesday once it had expired.

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