BigCommerce adds new Google Shopping Integration

By Chris Dawson March 8, 2018 - 11:28 pm

BigCommerce has announced a new Google Shopping integration, powered by Sales & Orders.

Google Shopping is one of the largest sources of paid traffic for many ecommerce websites and whilst manual CSV style feeds can be used, as with everything in ecommerce automation saves time and money.

Google recently prevented bulk uploading of feeds by platforms for individual merchants, which is why you can no longer upload your feed from eBay – the platforms were instructed to upload a single feed. Now, through the new integration, BigCommerce merchants will have the ability to easily configure and generate product data feeds for Google Shopping as well as automatically optimize Google Adwords campaigns directly within the BigCommerce control panel. The aim is to save merchants time, optimise ad spend and improve sales and conversion rates.

Through Google Shopping by Sales & Orders, BigCommerce merchants will have access to:

  • Automated feed creation

    Merchants can sync their BigCommerce catalog to their Merchant Center account in just a few minutes, and take a hands-off approach to the initial set-up of their feed for use in Google Shopping campaigns.

  • Feed diagnostics reporting

    The ability to access feed- and item-level error reports enables merchants to quickly diagnose account issues and prioritize vital listing attributes in need of correction.

  • Feed inventory management

    Merchants can select exactly which products they wish to send to Google Merchant Center, as well as filter groups of products to either add or remove from their feed.

  • Product modification

    Utilizing a simple, rule-based system, Apparel & Accessories merchants will be able to map required gender and age group attributes for Google Shopping should they not have them pre-set in their store.

  • Google category mapping

    By taking unique attributes from a merchant’s BigCommerce store and dynamically mapping them to Google-approved feed attributes, merchants can improve the visibility and performance potential of Shopping ads.

  • Shopping campaign creation

    Through Sales & Orders’ exclusive Easy Campaign Creator tool, merchants can have effective, product-level Google Shopping campaigns built automatically for them, as well as the ability to edit base campaign settings.

Existing BigCommerce merchants that move their Google Shopping campaign management to Sales & Orders have access to discounted rates, and first-time users will receive a credit towards implementing a new ad campaign.

  • Jamie Wheat
    2 years ago

    The whole Google Shopping experience is a great one for users, but it can be such a pain for retailers to set up a proper merchant feed for their products. I run a small independent store and we are in the process of setting up online, and Google Shopping is something we were advised on running. We found it quite difficult to implement this ourselves, however we discovered a service called Taggr that can set this all up for us, as well as run the maintenance of out Google Shopping feed. It has been a huge help to us in our mission to make an online presence for ourselves, and would highly recommend it to any other SME

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