Amazon confirms it has acquired GameSparks

By Dan Wilson March 6, 2018 - 10:38 am

It has been revealed that Amazon has acquired GameSparks in a reported deal worth something like $10 million USD. You can read the news here. The Dublin based firm was probably bought last summer by Amazon but both companies have only just gone public on the deal.

Here’s what they say:

We’re excited to announce that GameSparks has been acquired by Amazon! GameSparks has long shared Amazon’s passion for helping developers create amazing gaming experiences, so it’s a natural fit. Being part of Amazon means we’ll continue to grow the service, as well as explore new ways to unlock the power of Amazon to help you build, operate, and monetize your games.
– The GameSparks Team

So what does GameSpark actually do and why are they of interest to Amazon? They offer services to game developers and publishers who have social and multiplayer games, meta-games, live game operations, core platform-as-a-service, integrations, infrastructure, and operations. GameSparks handles PC, mobile, and console games. They are essentially a cloud provider and support service for people who make games. That’s obviously a huge market area and speaks closely to Amazon’s own cloud web services at AWS.

It does look also, to some extent, that Amazon is also increasingly eyeing up millennial shoppers and their spendy habits and willingness to buy and sell online. They are, after all the consumers of the future.

  • Kevin
    9 months ago

    Amazon made a good purchase at a very cheap price. Gamesparks uses Microsoft azure cloud platform and with this purchase Gamesparks will move over to Amazon AWS.

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