Wholesale Clearance introduce new Payment Plan

By Chris Dawson February 12, 2018 - 10:15 am

If you’re starting out on your first online selling adventure then you have have two barriers to getting started – Where do you get your stock from and how can you finance larger stock purchases to get your new business off the ground faster. A new Wholesale Clearance Payment Plan backed by a finance house could be the answer to solving both of these problems.

Wholesale Clearance are a company who pretty much do what their name suggests, they sell bankrupt and surplus stock, as well as end of line clearances to individuals and companies of all sizes. Wholesale stock includes anything from home-ware, electrical goods, clothing, jewellery, shoes, wholesale pallets and any other products that are sold in the UK. If you’re an aspiring eBay seller then they always have a fresh supply of stock available for purchase.

Now, the new Wholesale Clearance Payment Plan is available to UK customers and for order amounts under £1000.00, there is no credit check for finance – it is a guaranteed service with a minimum finance amount of £300.00. Essentially, you pay 25% of the order amount up front and your order is delivered to you in full. You then make three equal monthly payments to clear the balance.

It’s an attractive proposition if you spot some stock for sale that you simply have to have. Rather than buying smaller lots, it gives you the ability to fund a larger purchase over several months and start selling to pay off the balance.

The finance costs are very straightforward and easy to understand – there’s a 5% admin fee which you can either pay up front or add to the amount borrowed. That’s it – no other costs other than repaying the loan instalments.

Currently the Wholesale Clearance Payment Plan is only available by phone and you can reach them on 0330 113 1636.

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