Volusion introduces Apple Pay ‘Pay Now’ button

By Dan Wilson February 7, 2018 - 10:36 am

Volusion is partnering with Apple Pay to create a ‘Buy Now’ button for its merchants. Ecommerce webstore provider Volusion now allows its merchants to provide their customers with payment integration from their Apple devices, eliminating the need to enter their payment, shipping, or contact information each time they make a purchase through an online store.

Kevin Sproles, CEO and founder of Volusion says of the payments development: “In our daily conversations with the merchants we serve, we’ve learned that seamless and secure payment options are top priority, and we are happy to announce that Volusion merchants can now provide Apple Pay as an option to meet that need. We know merchants using Apple Pay see two to five times higher conversion at checkout compared to other payment options and see more than 50 percent faster checkout times. We are excited to be able to provide this for our merchants and their customers.”

It is uncontroversial received wisdom that conversion on online sales is aided by offering multiple payments methods and removing barriers to buying. Adding an easy Apply Pay ‘Buy Now’ button ticks both boxes and helps sellers plug into a very popular payment method.

Volusion is an ecommerce website builder that offers web design, marketing and other business tools to merchants. Various tools and services are included in monthly plans, which range in price depending on your needs.

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