OSOP now supports 12 Amazon countries

By Chris Dawson February 8, 2018 - 4:48 pm

With Amazon’s expansions around the world, multichannel management is key to cutting down on administration and order processing, no one has time to log into multiple platforms multiple times a day.

One Stop Order Processing have added support for Amazon Australia, as well as Japan (English) Mexico, Brazil and India. They already have support for the more established Amazon territories – the UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, America, and Canada.

Within One Stop Order Processing, to use the different Amazon sites you just have to select the choice of country from a drop down list and the program sorts everything else out for you. If you want to sell in several countries then you simple create a connection to each one. When the sales come in, you can easily see where your orders have originated from when you are processing them.

Amazon Australia, being the newest country site for the marketplace to launch, still has large holes in their inventory so there’s a big opportunity for UK sellers to fill the gap. Unlike just about any other country, when selling on Amazon Australia there is no need for translation (although for instance localisation of listings is important, e.g. to an Aussie a ‘thong’ is flip flops and not an item of lingerie).

You’ll need to arrange an Australian bank account to trade on Amazon Australia but many of the currency transfer specialists can assist with this and to manage your orders One Stop Order Processing will be able to assist.

  • ifellow
    4 years ago

    This software is decent, remind of linnworks before they decided they only wanted big business. Its where i ended up after the linnworks ‘kick out the small guys’ episode.

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