Latin Americans can now buy from via PideloRapido

By Chris Dawson February 10, 2018 - 4:59 pm

eBay has just made it easier for online retailers to target the Latin America market through a partnership with PideloRapido.

PideloRapido are an all-inclusive online shopping solution that allows the door-to-door delivery of inventory from the United States to homes and offices throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. They will provide Latin American consumers access to inventory across its platforms, while further extending eBay’s reach to the Latin American market.

Users simply download the free PideloRapido Toolbar into their preferred Internet browser. Then when they browse online stores, the Toolbar gives the local price, in local currency, with all the charges and services already included. In this way Latin American consumers can add everything to the same cart and compare the savings compared to purchasing locally.

Latin Americans will have access to eBay inventory from US sellers at their fingertips, without the need for a US shipping address or PayPal account to execute purchases, thanks to PideloRapido’s unique integration with the eBays API and technology, enabling localized payments and reliable last mile delivery.

“We couldn’t be prouder to have such a prestigious and international brand to support us. This partnership will allow us to offer Latin American consumers the same online shopping standards available in the US, such as access to listings, payment options in local currencies, and reliable doorstep delivery and tracking without a PO Box.”
– Alberto Sobalvarro, PideloRapido co-founder and CEO

Currently PideloRapido serves consumers in Guatemala, El Salvador, Panama and Colombia with plans to expand to the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Chile and Peru in 2018.

  • Andy R
    1 year ago

    They won’t be buying from us. All of South America is blocked due to ridiculous levels of INRs and outright theft of items.

    The last straw was one particular buyer in Chile, who continuously kept opening INR cases against sellers and often went straight to paypal to suck the money back. Did it to us on one occasion and we blocked him straight away.

    We were contacted by seven other sellers asking if we had problems with this guy and the full story became apparent. It took all eight of us to contact Ebay on the same day to get him kicked off – why had they not acted in the previous 12 months of suspicious activity?

    Serious problems with the postal systems in all of the countries mentioned here. Even tracking does not seem to help.

    Sorry to South America. I know you are not all crooks, but we will not trade with those countries any more.

    Your goods and your money will disappear pretty Rapido.

    • SAM
      1 year ago

      Getting eBay to actually act is a nightmare. We had one the other week they had “done” loads of us. We contacted the other seller all the same. The scammer is still active, does not matter what we say or report.
      Agree with you and South America, to many issues with couriers and customs there. Even tracking the items they just go off the radar.

    • 1 year ago

      In this case, Sam, the scammer was renowned across the internet. Searching for his name online came up with multiple forum posts over a 12 month period.

      We were scammed once and were contacted by seven other Ebay sellers with concerns. Ebay has made it impossible to check properly if a buyer is dodgy, so we took our own action. We agreed to each contact Ebay on the same day with complaints against the buyer.

      Although fobbed off by Ebay customer service, we each persisted and by the end of that day the buyer was “no longer a registered user”.

      I’d be interested in knowing if anyone has found a way to trade safely with South America. It’s the only area of the globe we have blocked.

      PS The scammer even used a government building in Santiago for his dodgy dealings !!!

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