Keep up to date with Etsy marketplace feature tests

By Dan Wilson February 14, 2018 - 8:08 am

As the Etsy marketplace progresses through its period of development and reinvention, it is pleasing to report that they are keen to keep sellers informed about things they are testing. It certainly makes it distinct from eBay and Amazon. Radical transparency in action.

Etsy has a status board where they report what’s under consideration, currently being tested and also (to some extent), how the test is progressing.

As Etsy say on their page reporting what they’re testing:

At Etsy, we’re working hard to give you the tools you need to successfully run your business. Ecommerce is continually evolving, and we rely on buyer data to develop new ways to bring more buyers to your shop and inspire them to make purchases. Our in-house team of data scientists will often use experiments to test these ideas.

And the latest test they’re undertaking sounds interesting and positive: “We are adding an Add to Cart button on listing cards so users can more easily shop both their “Recently viewed” and “Recently favorited” items directly from the Etsy homepage and search pages.” You can read much more about this feature and others here.

So what does this mean for Etsy merchants? It’s basically for information only and Etsy caution against a change of course, despite the information they provide: “We recommend not making changes in your shop in response to a test. The experiment you’re seeing might not result in a permanent change.”

We remain excited about the future of the Etsy marketplace. It retains a solid commubity vibe and also an enticing buyer interface. It’s a fun and beautiful place to shop and a solid commercial prospect for sellers too.

We suspect that this status board in predominantly directed at US Etsy merchants but, considering the global reach they have, that such info will be appreciated by all dedicated Etsy sellers, regardless of where the are in he world.

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