eBay UK Spring Seller Release:
Listing Promotions

By Chris Dawson February 27, 2018 - 2:01 pm

eBay are improving the marketing tools available using feedback that you, their sellers have given them. These are optional listing promotions tools that you can use to increase your sales and eBay are also adding capabilities for third party multichannel management tools so you can manage your promotions through your preferred software solution.

Codeless Coupons replaced by Seller Coupons.

Coupons are a tool to help you to encourage sales and to get your products noticed on big shopping days. From June 2018, eBay will be replacing Codeless Coupons with new and improved Seller Coupons. These will help you to boost your sales during big retail moments like Spring, Mother’s Day, Back to School and Black Friday.

Coupons can be used both on and off eBay so if you want to drive traffic from social media, blogs and email marketing then you can issue your own discounts only valid for your products to boost your own sales on eBay.

Like other Seller Hub promotions, a range of options will be possible and you get to choose when and what to offer on your Seller Coupons.

Promote your listings tool gets new functionality

Promote Your Listings is a valuable tool to improve item visibility and boost sales.You only pay when you sell and you decide how much to pay to promote your items. Read our recent article How to best use eBay Promoted Listings for more information.

New features

  • Item recommendations are now available in Promote your listings. eBay base recommendations on trends in the marketplace.
  • From March 2018, Sales Report will also be available in Promote your listings. It will provide insights and reports to show which items sold as a result of being promoted across all your Promote your listings campaigns.

New Application Programming Interface (API) support

Sellers have told eBay that they want to manage their promotions within their chosen third party tool. From March, eBay will update their Marketing API to support Sale event and markdown promotions. If you use a third party provider or a direct integration with eBay, speak to your supplier to learn about their support for the new functionality.

eBay’s long term goal

These improvements are aligned with Devin Wenig’s stated intent that eBay will show renewed commitment to partner with you, to help make your business a success and give you the tools to do so. eBay say that they will continue to invest to improve what you get out of the tools available to you.

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