Christian Lacroix celebrates 30th anniversary and launches ‘Brand Platform’ with Mirakl marketplace

By Paul Skeldon February 6, 2018 - 7:59 am

Mirakl, a leading marketplace platform provider, has partnered with Christian Lacroix to launch an innovative Brand Platform to sell menswear, women’s accessories and lifestyle collection on

The Brand Platform marks the first time the brand will sell directly to customers online and showcases the universe of Christian Lacroix unique collection of products. Nicolas Topiol, Chief Executive Officer, Christian Lacroix, selected the Mirakl Marketplace Platform for its focus on operating innovative marketplaces. The digital project integrates leading technology from Mirakl, Magento, HiPay and Borderlinx, and is being implemented by the Digital Agency Colorz.

“Christian Lacroix is an iconic luxury brand famous for its initial disruption of the 80s-fashion scene bringing vibrant colors and mix and match of fabrics, patterns and inspirations in a then monochrome fashion world,” says Topiol. “Since then the House of Christian Lacroix has evolved into a lifestyle brand touching its aficionados with a wide offering of product categories from fashion accessories, to menswear and art de vivre collections. With the launch of our digital commerce platform, we are looking to expand our distribution and be in direct contact with our customers worldwide. Our 30thAnniversary and its celebration provide the perfect opportunity to launch our direct to consumer initiative.”

“We’re tremendously excited to be working with Nicolas Topiol and the Christian Lacroix team,” adds Philippe Corrot, co-founder and CEO, Mirakl. “We have a uniquely shared vision. Mirakl believes the future of commerce is in the platform revolution – where retailers and brands need to become platform operators to embrace the future of commerce. The Christian Lacroix Brand Platform perfectly exemplifies this vision – with the team creating an online network to sell their multiple product categories and to provide the full universe of products to Christian Lacroix brand aficionados. Our platform is perfectly designed to launch this new business model, our team of experts is here to help them capitalize on the platform revolution with the marketplace model.”

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