Amazon most popular: Mobile Search Terms in India

By Chris Dawson February 7, 2018 - 10:15 am

Amazon is winning in terms of the volume of mobile search terms in India, according to data from a new report which reveals the marketplace was searched for over twice as much as the next favourite – Flipkart.

Popular search terms were analysed across popular categories and brands within the mCent browser app, the fastest growing browser in India. Jana revealed the findings in their new Mobile Majority trends report with Amazon gaining a massive 46.01% of searches. Even combining Flipkart and eBay (which Flipkart now operate) means their next biggest competitor in terms of consumer searches only has a 30.81% share of the market.

Flipkart remains a distant second to Amazon with 20.90% of searches, with eBay at 9.91%, Snapdeal at 7.87% and Shopclues at 6.77% were the third, fourth and fifth most searched for sites respectively.

Why does Amazon top the Mobile Search Terms in India?

Amazon Prime appears to be a major reason why users were opting for Amazon over Flipkart over the past year. Flipkart are a disadvantage by not having a similar fulfilment subscription service and this is further acerbated by the popularity of Amazon’s Alexa powered devices which tie consumers in to Amazon and will likely drive accelerated purchasing activity in the future.

“Our data shows Amazon’s marketplace is the first choice among Indian consumers, where searches outpace nearest competitor Flipkart 2x and best popular sites like eBay and Snapdeal by a healthy margin.”
– Nathan Eagle, CEO and founder of Jana

Amazon Echo crushes Google Home in India

Top shopping categories among Indian shoppers overall included Laptops (30.89%), Cameras (26.68%), Tablets (15.73%) and Smartphones (15.50%), while Roku (54.38%) was the most popular streaming device in the country with Apple TV coming in second (28.13%), followed by Google Chomecast (13.31%) and Amazon Fire TV (4.17%).

In the smart home category, Amazon products drove an overwhelming majority of searches (94.42%) against Google Home (Max, Mini) (5.50%).

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