Amazon France to create 2000 jobs in 2018

By Dan Wilson February 20, 2018 - 7:33 am

Amazon France has said it expects to continue to expand over the course of 2018 with the news that it plans to create at least 2000 new jobs in the country in 2018. Whilst Amazon has European facilities in Poland and the Czech Republic, as it stands, only in France, Germany, Italy, UK and Spain does it operate its own dedicated marketplace. That isn”t to say that shoppers from all over the world, and Europe can’t shop with Amazon, but these national marketplaces in the local lingo certainly grease the wheels.

If you want to find out more about the plans, and have a grasp of the French language, then check out this page.

The economic context in France encourages us to continue to support the tens of thousands of entrepreneurs who take advantage of our infrastructures and services on a daily basis to accelerate their success in France and internationally.
– Frédéric Duval, country manager of Amazon France.

This is further evidence than Amazon France has big ambitions. Only last week it was revealed that the ecommerce behemoth had made a settlement with the French government to pay a historical tax bill. The exact terms of that deal are not known. We wrote about that here.

And don’t forget that Amazon Business also launched in France earlier in 2018 offering goods and a B2B service specifically honed to business shoppers in the Republic. You can read what we said about that in this article. And additionally the grocery field is also firmly within the sights of Amazon too in France and it’s reported that they are looking for a partnership there to get their share of food shopping. More here.

France is a big international ecommerce marketplace and it does look like that they are keenly pursuing their share of online sales there with these initiatives and investments.

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