The most interesting things in ecommerce in 2017

By Chris Dawson January 2, 2018 - 8:00 am

Over the Christmas break Chloë of eCommerce Masterplan published a podcast covering the most interesting things in ecommerce in 2017. It’s 20 minutes long and well worth a listen in you coffee break this morning.

Chloë spoke to Alex O’Byrne one of the founders of We Make Websites, Matt Warren is the founder of Veeqo, Ciaran Bollard is the managing director of Kooomo, Chris Dawson of Tamebay (yes that’s me!) and Simon Bell is the founder and managing director of Diligent.

There’s no one answer to what was the most interesting in ecommerce in 2017, but the rise of Shopify, the beginning of the end of Google, where shoppers are finding products to buy when they’re not using Google, the increasing pressure of marketplaces are putting on traditional retailers through service and delivery speed, voice and image search and how this impacts retailers product listings and the trend for retailers to think less about getting a single sale and more about how to maximise the lifetime value of a new customer.

It’s been an exciting year – listen to the podcast to find out more:

  • SAM
    4 years ago

    Interesting the views on social, our Facebook has always been a lot better for us that Google shopping and provides far better ROI. Pinterest something we always have had, and we do get traffic from it, 23,000 views (most from the the States)we had in Dec according to their analytics but it is hard to judge.

    I think the big game changer will be if people can check out DIRECT on our Facebook page and not be re-directed to our website.

    Explosion in marketplaces, if we had not actually gone out there and got on some fresh markets we would be in a spot of bother. We are now picking and choosing where we sell, best rates, best traffic etc. Honest eBay and Amazon are only going one way, so it has been really good for our level of seller. Plus if they run their marketplaces correctly work with the sellers it is very beneficial to the retailer. Again on the downside they all have the same generic lowest price marketplaces. and we always end up with the VAT dodgers on them eventually.

    We have had 2 on the phone today with their sale pitches both UK ones (UK ones is the whole reason we ended them) to much Amazon am afraid and to much of a battle to the bottom in price.

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