Swedish online marketplace Webgallerian relaunches

By Dan Wilson January 15, 2018 - 11:14 pm

Webgallerian is an online marketplace from Sweden. It has recently relaunched with the aim of bringing together hundreds of online stores on one platform and become the biggest online marketplace in the Nordic region.

Ingemar Gleissman is the founder and CEO of Webgallerian and says: “Our platform is easy to use and easily scalable for new markets. We want to be the Amazon or Alibaba in the Nordics and our concept – focus on smaller and medium sized online stores – is quite unique.”

“Online market places like Amazon, Alibaba and have become very successful globally, and very sought after amongst investors. In the Nordics, there are still only a very limited number of true online market places, and we hope to rapidly gain the leading position in the region with our platform.”

Obviously Sweden, like the entire Nordic region, is a relatively affluent place with high internet penetration and buyer sophistication so it represents a huge commercial opportunity. And it looks like Webgallerian is off to a good start with 140 online stores from Swedish stores already signed up offering more than 425,000 product lines already.

Webgallerian entices shoppers to buy more with loyalty programmes and marketing options for sellers to help them promote their sales. It’s not clear, at the moment, whether this new marketplace is open to sellers outside of the Nordic region.

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