OnBuy made the BBC News in the January sales

By Chris Dawson January 5, 2018 - 11:16 am

With the post Christmas January sales in full swing, OnBuy made the BBC News. Alastair Fee, Business Correspondent at BBC South, visited OnBuy’s headquarters in Poole to meet the team and find out more about how they have grown so quickly over the last year.

Featuring a couple of large OnBuy sellers – World of Books and Longacres Garden Centre, the news bulletin focused on OnBuy’s proposition that they’re making it cheaper to sell online meaning that these savings can be passed on to consumers – an attractive message during the January sales.

“We were keen to get involved. They have got lower prices, lower commission rates than some of the other marketplaces and it gets us in front of people we would not normally be able to reach.”
– Michael Ainley, IT Manager, Longacres Garden Centre

It is also interesting to get a behind the scenes look at World of Books warehouse – as one of the biggest book sellers in the world. I’m always fascinated by sellers and to say that the World of Books operation certainly looks busy is an understatement!

“Any new marketplace that trades in the UK and in Europe is welcome. With Brexit approaching, it’s more important than ever that we are able to trade on numerous global platforms.”
– Stephen Boobyer, Managing Director of World of Books

OnBuy have grown massively over the last year but are still a relatively new marketplace, what would convince you to sign up and give them a try?

You can watch the full news bulletin below:

  • 4 years ago

    I was interested until I read they would soon be switching payment processing from Stripe to PayPal – no thank you.

    • Toby
      4 years ago

      Oh no…. We have just added Stripe to our website as we were loosing sales to people not happy to use Paypal. With a few months sales were actually up with plenty of payments by Stripe. We were thinking of trying onbuy but being able to offer stripe is a must.
      Stupid shortsighted move, people like choice.

  • mark
    4 years ago

    Excellent platform great company to work with and Paypal is not a problem having used paypal for many years i do not see what issues people have with them. Its eBay we have a problem with.

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