Newegg Logistics partners with eBay China

By Dan Wilson January 5, 2018 - 8:31 am

eBay China is the latest to join the roster of companies using the Newegg Logistics platform. In this partnership, Newegg Logistics will help eBay sellers in China to fulfill last-mile delivery for the retail export products that are shipped from China, as well as provide warehouse services to them in the United States.

In May 2017, Newegg launched its branded logistics solution to help ecommerce sellers and other organizations streamline their order fulfillment, shipment and returns.

Kunal Thakkar, the Newegg SVP of Global Operations says: “Newegg Logistics is a robust platform that can easily scale up to support sizeable organizations, as evidenced by our work with eBay China.The beauty of our supply chain solution is it can be customized to suit any fulfillment need, no matter how specialized.”

Newegg Logistics is comprised of four key components of the fulfillment process, including forward logistics, transportation management, value-added services and reverse logistics. In the case of eBay China, Newegg is providing support in stocking and fulfilling orders for the domestic market in the U.S., as well as providing customized solutions to help meet their customers’ expectations.

Kang Zhang, Head of Global Shipping at eBay Greater China: “We’re always looking for ways to bolster specific aspects of eBay’s fulfillment chain. Newegg Logistics will help eBay sellers scale their export businesses even further, while providing buyers with quality fulfillment services.”

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