eBay negotiates USPS discount in advance of fee hike

By Dan Wilson January 4, 2018 - 8:36 am

The United States Postal Service, or USPS, previously announced that they will be raising their tariff on the 21st of January. And in response, eBay has revealed that they have negotiated some discounts on the fees for sellers.

As eBay says in their announcement: “eBay has been able to negotiate with the USPS on behalf of sellers and secure a significant discount for eBay labels. While this still means a slight increase in the average cost of shipping an item using USPS, sellers who use eBay labels can save up to 25% on First Class Package Service and up to 24% on Priority Mail*. Plus, tracking is automatically uploaded, so you can print a shipping label from anywhere. You can even schedule free pick-ups.”

Here is a graphic from eBay below and you can read the full details here.

These discounts are only available to US based Sellers using the eBay Labels service and further details can be found here.

But it is most heartening to note that eBay is acting on behalf of sellers to get improved postal fees from the national provider. We need to see much more of that. eBay has negotiating power on behalf of retailers that can and should be exercised and it would be good to see something similar in the UK with Royal Mail and other big providers.

  • mit
    11 months ago

    And people wonder why the Postal Service loses millions of dollars!!!!!!!!!

  • Wayne
    11 months ago

    If it was not for eBay and Amazon sellers using the USPS, and bringing in huge revenue to them, they would be loosing millions more. So, they give up a little to make a lot. Sounds like smart business.

  • Robert
    11 months ago

    Retired postal employee…..ebay and amazon is what keeps the usps floating……trust me!

  • Paul
    11 months ago

    It is about time that the USPS is able to act like a business and actually compete with UPS and Fedex. They are handcuffed to outdated pricing policies and without change, they will surely perish.

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