Canary Flex offers a package detection service

By Dan Wilson January 10, 2018 - 8:10 am

The Canary Flex system now offers a parcel detection service that will alert you when a parcel has been delivered and record the fact in the event of a dispute. So if a parcel comes your way, is left on your doorstep, and is subsequently stolen, you’ll have some proof that the goods were indeed dropped at your door.

Canary is a way you can monitor your home and its security when you’re not in situ. They offer a number of services, including alerts whether someone tries to enter your house. Canary comes in various forms but the Canary Flex device is essentially a webcam by your door that you can utilise via a smartphone app.

As is noted on the Canary blog: “Now, we can share what will be the next addition to Canary’s powerful new AI suite: Package Detection. Package Detection will allow Canary users with a Canary Flex to be notified the moment a package arrives on the doorstep. With package theft becoming all too common, Package Detection gives you real-time smart alerts for package drop-off, and ongoing monitoring capabilities that allow you to monitor your delivery if you don’t have a trusted friend or neighbor to store your package safely until you can retrieve it. Package Detection will be available in the coming months.”

As they add: “Canary already works with Google Assistant and Wink, and integration with Amazon Alexa is next on our list.”

Technology is increasingly playing a part in the verification of deliveries and that should be good news for sellers who are increasingly held accountable by buyers who say that goods haven’t arrived. Any and all services, especially those by couriers, that can be used to prove that a consignment has indeed been made is to be welcomed.

Are you using Canary or a similar service?

  • 1 year ago

    Not sure why the buyer would need proof that an item was delivered to their doorstep and couriers should not be leaving items on your doorstep in full view of thieves.

    A buyer would just tell you the item was not delivered and get a refund or be sent a replacement.

    Surely any monitoring system would simply record movement, so you would see a parcel was delivered and later stolen regardless of what system you used.

  • lotus nut
    1 year ago

    Easy to abuse, just wear hoodie or baseball cap to hide features then nick your own parcel and claim!.

    Also wont be any good or proof for ebay claims.

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