Any courier can deliver to a Safety Letterbox Company locker

By Dan Wilson January 9, 2018 - 11:56 pm

The Safety Letterbox Company has launched a new range of services designed to improve parcel delivery for shoppers.

As part of the German Group RENZ, and based in Neath, the new high-tech range of parcel box products are the first of their kind to be introduced to the UK market. The locker style products have been developed to cater to the increasing popularity of online shopping, providing greater efficiency and convenience surrounding parcel management.

Closed systems currently exist for parcel deliveries between a single parcel delivery service and consumers. However, These offer an open system for parcel delivery and returns. Any delivery service can deposit a parcel via the intelligent parcel boxes and those receiving their parcel can collect it from the parcel box unit 24/7. This has many advantages for couriers, as it drastically reduces the number of missed deliveries, repeat returns to the same address, as well as the amount of time spent delivering an item at a property.

The intelligent parcel box units – which can be installed in all manner of buildings and combined with mailboxes – enable residents to receive and send parcels with ease from their own residence, making it an attractive feature for both consumers and couriers. The units also remove the inconvenience of having to return a parcel to the post office or via another inefficient returns method as the parcel box units provide a returns option.

Alison Orrells is the managing director of The Safety Letterbox Company and said: “This could really overhaul the issues and subsequent costs faced by couriers due to the last mile problem. These intelligent technologies make parcel deliveries more efficient and streamlined, bettering the logistical needs of couriers and as a consequence, increasing customer satisfaction, as more consumers are receiving their parcels on time and at their own convenience. Leaving a ‘sorry we missed you card’ and making a repeat delivery, having to find a neighbour to take a parcel, or leaving a parcel in a potentially unsecure location, are now a thing of the past. The system is incredibly flexible and will therefore enable courier companies to function far more effectively while saving substantial costs.”

We’ll get back to you when we have a notion of how many of these lockers are soon available in the UK. Have you seen one?

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