Amazon now accounts for 4% of all US retail

By Dan Wilson January 4, 2018 - 4:36 pm

There’s is no doubt that Amazon had a stunning year in 2017 but a recent report shows quite the extent which it isn’t just an online phenomenon but but a vital part of US retail in general.

According to a report from One Click Retail, an ecommerce analytics provider, in 2017 they estimate that Amazon accounted for 44% of all US Retail
One Click Retail CEO Spencer Millerberg writes in the annual review: “Every major trend we see across 2017 can be explained by the fact that more of Amazon’s core demographic (millennials) are growing up: they’re increasingly owning homes, raising children, and buying a TON of stuff to go with it.

This raises the question: will this create long-term changes and tailwinds for Amazon? Will 300-ish Whole Foods stores be enough to compete meaningfully in the brick-and-mortar space against Walmart’s 4000+ stores?”

The report also includes information on which verticals on Amazon saw the greatest growth.

Us retail

These remarkable findings raise lots of big questions but top of the list is how big a share of US retail can Amazon grab? Whilst the ever increasing spending buying power of millennials is an undeniable fact, there is also risk of a backlash should Amazon become too big. There is also information suggesting that Prime membership is experiencing slowing growth and may be close to saturation.

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